Friday, April 04, 2014

This video will put into perspective for you the extremely fragile niche which Planet Earth occupies in the vastness of the known universe. (Click on the four corners emblem at the lower right to watch it fullscreen.)

Earth is:
  • just the right distance from the Sun to allow water and carbon-based life
  • now at just the unique time in the Sun's evolution for its light and energy to foster and not destroy us (as it will in a few billion years)
  • in a solar system just the right distance away from the galactic center for long-term stability
  • in a perfect spot to allow astronomers to see out to the farthest edges of space
  • circled by a moon at just the right distance to allow total solar eclipses
  • at the point in time when humans have evolved to hold the keys to their own fate

Do you begin to grasp why belief in God is at least rational?

Note: my title is taken from the rather supercilious response Bertrand Russell once gave to the question of what he would say to God if, upon his death, he found himself before Him: "I would tell him that He did not provide enough evidence for rational belief."

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