Tuesday, April 01, 2014

In an elevator that always goes down

This past week, the Acts 8 Movement threw a challenge into the Episcopal blogosphere: explain why you are an Episcopalian in 250 words or less, in a way that makes us sound attractive.
The results trickled out, one by one--some talking about our historical roots, some speaking of personal experiences of Christ, all moving in their own way.
Here's one:
Anthony MacWhinnie II writes in 135 words:
Sorry for the outburst, but why am I an Episcopalian? Because it’s been my home all my life. And it’s filled with all sorts of people that are completely different, and some agree and some don’t and somehow that’s all okay. We’re not perfect and most of us don’t claim to be. We’re traditional. We have an ancient heritage, and yet we can still be fresh and meaningful, even today. And at the center of it all is this man Jesus who we strive to be like. We fail. A lot. But still we keep working at it. At our best, we’re awesome. And at our worst, we’re no worse than others. And still we keep at it. I guarantee, somewhere in the Episcopal Church, you can find a home. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.
Read the rest of the elevator pitches here.

What about you? What's your 'elevator pitch?'

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