Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bishop of Montreal, having noted an objection to the ordination of an actively homosexual candidate, proceeds anyway

By David
April 28, 2014

The Bishop of Montreal, Barry Clarke, recently ordained Alain Brosseau, a candidate who is in a same-sex relationship with Peter Wessel. A number of clergy and laity objected to the ordination, an objection that, predictably, was ignored by the bishop. In Anglican jargon, what the bishop did is known as listening.

The objectors must have known that their statement would have no effect because they have tried it before with the same result; perhaps the time has come for more radical action.

From here (page 7):

As has happened at several recent previous ordinations of candidates with same-sex partners, Bishop Barry Clarke noted briefly at the March30 ordination that he had received an objection to the ordination of one of the candidates but was proceeding in the light of his own reflections and decisions of the diocesan synod.

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