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Easter 2014                        

Dear Friends and Supporters of VOL,

If it were simply about profit, and not ministry, VIRTUEONLINE would have shut down long ago. It's not profitable. It is something we believe in passionately. Incidentally, it is also something thousands of you every week read when you go to to get the latest word about the Anglican Communion. Thousands of you receive our free weekly digest of stories. Over the course of a year, several million people, mostly but not exclusively Anglican, will read one or more of VIRTUEONLINEs stories. More than 1,000 blogs post our stories as well.

Our ministry is to provide the most comprehensive Anglican news available on the Internet. Therefore we are read by seminary presidents and students, major circulation newspapers and magazines here and across the globe as well as by Anglican archbishops, bishops, clergy and laity on both sides of the theological aisle. Even leaders in other denominations also read VOL for what they can learn about the Anglican Communion and the implications for their own denominations. More than 60% of VOL’s readers are aged between 19 – 45.

African bishops depend upon VOL to understand what is happening in The Episcopal Church. It is that information that causes them to reject communion with TEC and to support Archbishop Robert Duncan and the Anglican Church in North America.

VOL remains the world leader in Anglican news gathering and dissemination, according to ALEXA rankings which monitors some 30 million websites. This is hard work. We have a small team of researchers who scour the world looking for news you would not read anywhere else. We also have a small team of writers ready to comment on the news and provide sound theological reflection on the news of the day and more.

Our team of theologians take you to deeper levels of reflection about what is going on. At the end of the day, we do not leave you in the dark however bad the news might be. There are uplifting devotionals to carry you to new heights of faithfulness and discipleship to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We learned recently that the liberal driven Anglican Communion Office in London is offering free APPS for their news to anyone in the Global South to counter VOL. So be it. Truth is its own best defense. If someone thinks enough of VOL to oppose us that is good news. We take on all comers.

In a few weeks we will roll-out a new website complete with a modern look and feel, better social media integration as well as smartphone and tablet applications for Android and iOS devices that will provide readers notification of new stories and easier access to VOL content. The new website should be launched before Memorial Day.

We hope that you can understand our need for continued funding so that we can continue to glorify God through Internet journalism. Our readers morally and theologically support what we believe and write, but here we sit among tens of thousands of active VOL readers with a significant funding shortfall. VOL is 100% reader dependent. We really do need your tax deductible donation. Please send your gift to the address below or through PAYPAL on our secure site:

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Thank you for reading and supporting Virtueonline. We can't continue this ministry without your support.

Warmly in Christ,

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