Thursday, April 24, 2014

House of Bishops Report Says Lying, Fighting for Properties, Deposing Priests is Legitimate Behavior for Presiding Bishop

A Satirical Essay

By David W. Virtue
April 24, 2014

As they emerged from a four-day summit, the House of Bishops, meeting in a clandestine huddle, announced that lying, fighting for properties, deposing priests is a legitimate behavior for the Presiding Bishop and is protected under the church’s canons and constitution.

By a 98% majority, the HOB affirmed what the Presiding Bishop has been practicing for more than eight years saying that “any attempt to restrict her behavior would impact the church’s growth and future General Convention resolutions denying her a free hand to do exactly as she pleases.”

The HOB’s decision won high praise from former bishops Jack Spong and Gene Robinson whose theology and morality have opened new unparalleled vistas of thought and opportunity. Many bishops are saying she must be given a free hand to spend as much money as she pleases to pile on lawsuits, even to the point of taking dioceses like Ft. Worth and South Carolina to the Supreme Court of the US.

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