Saturday, May 17, 2014

My friends,

As I’ve said before, I’m going to keep this note up top to ask you to scroll to the “Help our Host” post, and to the “AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT” post, for entries in the First Unofficial, MCJ Worldwide Humor Roundup and Metaphysico-Theologo-Cosmolonigological Challenge.

I’ll be leaving Texas Sunday morning to drive to Minneapolis, where I pick up our daughter after her graduation from the University of Minnesota. Things will be busy from now through the end of the trip, but I should be able to get several posts up, and will try to look after comments stuck in moderation or the spam folder. I’ll only have access to the Internet in the evenings at hotels; my skills at blogging while driving are, fortunately for myself and other drivers, negligent.

I’m really touched by the response my posts have received; I know I’m not qualified to take the place of Chris, yet I now feel that at least I haven’t disappointed him.

The deadline for jokes in the MCJ Worldwide Humor Roundup and Metaphysico-Theologo-Cosmolonigological Challenge will be midnight Sunday, Pacific time. Before I announce the winners, there will also be a chance for a consolation prize – get your Tom Terrific “thinking caps” ready!!!

Bill (not IB)

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