Friday, May 02, 2014

Praying that God should stop Nigeria’s looming descent into the abyss of insecurity, unemployment, high crime rate, [Adebola ] Ademowo, who is also the Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos, called on Nigerian youth to shun violence.

According to him, “the youth cannot gain anything by indulging in violence and they must behave themselves and channel their energies in the proper direction.

“In our own diocese, we have been taking care of the youths. We have youth empowerment programmes and what we have done so far is to give them financial assistance - some received above N1 million, some N1 million and the rest got less than that.

“It is to encourage them to be gainfully employed and start their own small-scale businesses, because we can’t all be going for white collar jobs, they are not available anyway.”

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