Saturday, May 17, 2014

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina has thrown his hat into the ring of theological meanderings.  You may have already guessed his purpose is to support the push for same sex approval within ECUSA.  The result is a hodgepodge of twisted logic and crucified theology.
“...many theologians, philosophers, and psychologists speak about marriage as a powerful metaphor for the journey of uniting the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves, having been made in the image of God, who has both masculine and feminine characteristics.Biologically, we each have both male and female hormones within us, in proportions that are not the same from person to person. Emotionally, we act in ways both masculine and feminine, and our life journeys are deeply impacted by how well we come to terms with each dimension within us—in an important sense, how well these two aspects of our person-hood are “married” within us. In this understanding, complementarity is not exclusively limited to the biological order of creation, but includes the emotional and psychological order of creation. It can fairly be argued that it is our inner self that most especially makes us human—made in God’s image, worthy of God’s love, and reflected in God’s incarnation in Jesus. That being said, our bodiesmatter. Indeed, our humanness is expressed through our bodies, minds, and spirits. The challenge in understanding true complementarity must involve refection on all three, mind, body, and spirit—who we are and how we act, male and female.”
This is but a very small sample of what is contained in his 26 page collection.  It reads like a jigsaw puzzle assembled by forcing pieces together without any attempt to discern their correct order.  Be warned.  While the bishop writes this as if it is the manna for which the Church has been seeking, it is evident that he never left the shallow water.  If you decide to print it out, bird cages around the country will thank you.

It is important for us to see these men and women who hold themselves out to be leaders twist themselves into Gordian Knots in order to be unraveled on the altar of culture. 

The Pewster provides an excellent summary. 

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