Friday, May 02, 2014

BRANDON, MANITOBA: The bishop's son being sued by the bishop's diocese
Diocesan soap opera continues to unfold

By Mary Ann Mueller
Special Correspondent
April 30, 2014

His name is Noah. He is a Canadian Anglican priest who was ordained less than 10 years ago. He is the son of Bishop James Njegovan (VI Brandon). He was the Diocese of Brandon's executive archdeacon before he allegedly got caught with his hand in the till to the tune of $200,000. He has been charged with embezzlement and credit card fraud. Now the Diocese wants its money back and is suing the Bishop’s son.

This is just another chapter in the ongoing diocesan soap opera about Noah James Bernard Njegovan, the thirty-something year-old son of the Bishop.

James Dusan Njegovan became bishop in 2002. He followed the more conservative Bishop Malcolm Harding (V Brandon) to the post.

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