Friday, May 09, 2014

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Here’s the deal.  I really don’t want to here any more about how, when England goes Catholic again, you’d like your cathedrals back.  Considering the Catholic-Episcopalian interchange over the years, you guys owe us a cathedral or two (I’ll take St. Louis’ Cathedral Basilica and call things square).  There’s been another sighting of this guy:

Norman Carroll says he is an Episcopal deacon today rather than a Roman Catholic one — as he had been for nearly 35 years — largely because he had a one-on-one conversation on Feb. 26, 2013, with a man who insisted that Carroll state his personal view on the Catholic church’s doctrine on the ordination of women.

Carroll told the man he felt the church had the authority to ordain women and that Pope John Paul II’s apostolic teaching on the ordination of women was not infallible.

I’m thinking about the NFL draft tonight (so far, so good, for my Rams; punched up the offensive line and Manziel’s still there) and you can write the rest of this yourself anyway so I’m taking the rest of this post off. 
But I did want to call your attention to the way this guy describes himself.

I believe I have always been orthodox as well as updated.

Yup.  Sounds like a great fit.

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