Thursday, May 29, 2014

CofE House of Bishops’ statement: What is going on?

By Thurstan Stigand
May 24, 2014

After its meeting at York this week the House of Bishops issued a statement about what it had decided which included the following paragraph on the facilitated conversations proposed by the Pilling report.

The House also discussed the next steps in the process for conversations around Human Sexuality. In its discussion the House noted that the process of shared conversations needed to demonstrate primarily how the Church of England could model living together with issues of tension, where members took opposing views whilst remaining committed to one another as disciples of Jesus Christ – members of one church in both unity and diversity. The House agreed to a proposed process and timescale for the conversations with regional discussions taking place over the next two years. The House also authorised its Standing Committee to sign off the final arrangements and materials.

There are several points worth noting in regard to this statement.

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