Saturday, May 31, 2014

From Canon Phil Ashley (AAC)

Will the ACNA Survive?
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, friends of the Anglican realignment,
I'm packing up my bags and getting ready to head home after a rich and rewarding week of ministry with Bishop Kevin Allen of Cascadia and his clergy. We just completed the third session of our Clergy Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) here at the beautiful Cedar Springs Christian Retreat Center in Sumas, WA. I am always so very blessed and encouraged to be among faithful, humble, earnest clergy leaders who are seeking to serve the Lord with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength. It truly is a privilege to share with leaders like these - not only here in Cascadia, but all across North America where we have offered our CLTI's.
In this third gathering of the CLTI, we focused on clergy as "change leaders" within their local churches, and the skills they need to help congregations embrace a vision and mission that is shaped by Christ's Great Commission, including the changes required to move from maintenance to mission. We shared about the life cycle of the local church, whether decline is inevitable (it is not!), how to build a leadership team to discern and communicate fresh vision and new mission, and where they as clergy are in the life cycle of their own ministries. Here are just a sample of the comments we received:
"The program [CLTI] is so supportive and reassuring - yet challenges my ministry to make it more than it currently is."
"I feel it [CLTI] held all the elements necessary for my personal and pastoral growth."

"I especially enjoyed the small group discussions and prayer times." more.

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