Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Since Chris has left me free to offer a few words on MCJ, I thought that there’s one topic which *really* needs to be addressed. Bill (not IB)

I suspect that most of you regular readers come to visit MCJ for the same reasons I do – humor, enlightenment, inspiration, humor, education, entertainment, humor, news, spirituality, and humor.

Our host does a wonderful job. While MCJ has a very distinctive “Anglican” leaning, it also is unafraid to skewer politics, current events, and whatever else may happen to catch Chris’ attention.
Like most blogs, MCJ is a gift to the readers. There’s no membership required, no subscription, and no booklets in the mail announcing how YOU can become a PREFERRED READER of MCJ for the LOW, LOW price of just 1$*

It’s been a long time since Chris was laid off from his job at the library. The cost of a new laptop isn’t something that unemployment benefits were intended to cover, but that laptop is Chris’ connection to the internet – and to MCJ. He NEEDS it.

Although you may never have noticed it, over towards the top right hand side of the MCJ home screen it says “Support the MCJ”, with a PayPal “Donate” button underneath. Donations can be made at any time, and in any amount.

I’d like to ask all of you Faithful Readers to consider making a donation to the MCJ. I don’t know what kind of laptop Chris is looking for, but if he’s considering anything with an Apple logo on it prices right around $1,000.00 seem to be typical. If we could raise that amount, I’m sure it would mean a great deal to Chris.
I’d love to be able to provide a running total on donations. But – PayPal information is only available to the owner of the PayPal account, who is (of course) Chris. I thought about several options, but they would have ended up in multi-step donations and been overly complicated. So I’ll just suggest that you give what you feel comfortable giving. Every donation counts, from the smallest to the largest. And remember, words of support are just as valuable as your gifts – I run several websites, and I know how much a kind email means.

The only one who will know about your donation is Chris.

Chris does not know that I am posting this, nor have I spoken with him about it. As a fellow reader, I ask you all to show your support for Chris and the MCJ. Comments to this post are welcome – but PLEASE don’t say whether or not you have donated. Let’s keep that between each individual reader and Chris.

* (per payment, due in 52 weekly automatically debited installments).

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