Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Episcopal Bishop Robinson and his church hit a rough patch

By Jeff Walton
May 6, 2014

News of the impending divorce of retired Episcopal Church Bishop Gene Robinson from Husband Mark Andrew swept into the papers this past weekend. In what was no doubt a pre-planned rollout, a statement was released to Robinson’s former diocese on a Saturday, followed by a guest column in the Daily Beast in which Robinson opined about the concluding relationship, which only became a legally recognized marriage in 2011.

“The details of our situation will remain appropriately private,” Robinson wrote in what is surely wishful thinking — apparently believing that his announcement justifies a column in a major online daily, but that it will go no further. Robinson is a public figure, his same-sex marriage a central part of his public ministry (and his book released last year). Episcopalians as a bunch love to talk, and all will eventually be made known.

Far from scandalous, divorced officials have become all too common in the oldline church, with some thrice-married bishops outdoing even Robinson’s two failed unions. (The first ended in 1986.)

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