Wednesday, May 14, 2014

LEDYARD, CONN: Homeless Bishop Seabury parish finds a place
Long after eviction, group setting up at Gales Ferry Landing

By Anna Isaacs
The Day
May 9, 2014

Nearly two years after the sound of bagpipes ushered parishioners out of their home of more than a century, the Bishop Seabury Church is finally settling in to a new space - for now.

After eviction from 256 North Road in Groton following a court case with the Episcopal Diocese in August 2012, the congregation searched far and wide for a place to call its own - storefronts, office fronts, former school buildings, an old synagogue - all while paying $250 per Sunday service in a room at the Groton Inn and Suites. Eighteen months passed; expenses piled up; and then, an opportunity.

After a February trial-run service in the gym of Gales Ferry Landing - the site of the former Gales Ferry School that the town of Ledyard now uses as a business incubator - the church signed a one-year lease with the town. Less than a month later, they moved in.

A permanent home is still ideal, said Ronald Gauss, the archdeacon of the church who led the parish away from diocesan supervision in 2007. But this is "the next best thing."

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