Saturday, May 24, 2014

PENNSYLVANIA: PA Episcopal Bishop Will Permit Gay Marriage Blessings
Same-Sex marriage approval follows state approval of gay marriage
Orthodox bishops and clergy criticize Bishop Clifton Daniel’s actions

By David W. Virtue DD
May 23, 2014

The Episcopal Bishop of Pennsylvania has given his permission for priests in his diocese to marry persons of the same gender, following the state’s recognition that marriage of same sex couples is now allowable in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

“I rejoice in this development,” wrote Bishop Clifton Daniel III. “The understandings of what constitutes marriage and family have evolved significantly over time and especially the last few generations. The shape of marriage has changed vastly over the centuries and the change continues. It is clear that the definition of what and who constitutes a family is under examination and open to modification and new understandings of the nature of human relationships. It is the work and ministry of the Church to bring people to unity with God and one another; it is the very nature of marriage to show forth through intimate human relationships ". The mystery of the union between Christ and his Church." (Paul's Letter to the Church in Ephesus/The Book of Common Prayer, page 423)”

North Dakota is now the only State with an unchallenged gay marriage ban.

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