Tuesday, May 27, 2014


An interview about the new Catechism with the Rev. Lee Nelson, member of the Catechesis Task Force, and the Planting Vicar of Christ Church, Waco, TX.

Pentecost 2014

So, first off, tell us about the history of the new Catechism. How did it come about?

The Catechism had been a mandate of the Catechesis Task Force since our inception in 2008, following the Global Anglican Future Conference. Dr. Jack Gabig, Kristy Leaseburg, and I had been working on it as a part of the Young Angli- cans Project, but hadn’t made much progress. As a task force, our first major milestone was laying the groundwork for the revitalization of the Catechumenate in the Anglican Church. Once that work was completed, the bishops asked us in the fall of 2011 to commence the work on the Catechism.

What is the Catechumenate?

The Catechumenate was, and is, the Church’s ancient vehicle and framework for the making of disciples. Initially, it was the Church’s teaching ministry to pagans and the whole body of those preparing for baptism. Although in recent years the term has fallen out of use, we’ve put it forward as a vital part of a larger picture: that of mission and evangelism of the un- churched and the nurturing of children and young people as they go on to maturity.

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