Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Episcopal Church Plunges to New Depths on Sexuality Issues
TEC and Church of England elevate transgendered priests to pulpits


By David W. Virtue DD
June 9, 2014

The Episcopal Church reached new lows this week when it announced that the Washington National Cathedral, TECs flagship cathedral, would play host to its first transgendered priest, a certain Rev. Cameron Partridge, who will preach in its pulpit.

A few short years ago, such an invitation would have been unthinkable. Nobody in their right or left mind would have entertained the notion that a priest, claiming to be a man (of God) who was formerly a woman, could suddenly announce to his bishop -- in this case Massachusetts Bishop Tom Shaw, a homosexual -- that she secretly felt herself to be a woman trapped in a man’s body, obtain a sex change operation, (euphemistically called sexual reassignment surgery), keep her/his job as a priest, and then go on to preach in one of the nation’s most prestigious pulpits.

Never mind that transgender surgery is a lie. It can't change the chromosomes or DNA; it can only effect a cosmetic change. Nonetheless, The Episcopal Church has raced ahead of the culture and historic Christianity and pushed this abomination right into the pulpit. A church whose deepest theological utterances have been reduced to sound bite words like “inclusion,” “diversity” and “oppression” is a church that has surgically operated on itself.

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