Friday, June 27, 2014

LATROBE, PA: ACNA is Kairos Moment for Anglicanism in North America

Andrew Symes at the ACNA Assembly
June 25, 2014

The Anglican Church in North America exists as a kairos response to a crisis in a mainline denomination. The leadership of the official Anglican denomination in the USA and Canada became more and more liberal. Bishops regularly pronounced that Jesus is one of many possible Saviours , that the Bible contains some of the word of God, that Christian mission is to help fulfil the Millenium Development Goals of the United Nations. It became commonplace to have multifaith services where occult pagan practices would be celebrated in Cathedrals as part of Holy Communion Services, as "the Spirit" can apparently be discerned in all faiths and none. "Inclusion" became the new watchword: all alternative spiritualities and sexual diversities were welcomed (except, increasingly, orthodox historic Christianity). New liturgies were officially commended for the blessing of same sex unions, and of course divorced and homosexual Bishops were consecrated.

Of course all this has taken some time, and has been reinforced over many years by more clergy coming into the system who have been fed the death-dealing poison of theology which says that believing the Bible as actually true is unsophisticated and fundamentalist. The first voices began to be raised in protest many years ago: some people saw the writing on the wall and left, either for other Protestant denominations or to Rome. There were those who wanted to remain Anglican and who began to form their own small breakaway Anglican groups, led at first by isolated disaffected Gospel-hearted Bishops, but then, radically, oversight was sought from overseas, in particular from Africa. But many faithful clergy and their congregations stayed in, hoping that the worldwide Anglican Communion could bring pressure to bear. Negotiations aimed at halting the fellowship-breaking actions of North American Anglicans did not bear fruit, and GAFCON was born. A year later, 2009, the ACNA came into being, a genuine coalition of orthodox Anglicans, representing different streams of Catholic, Reformed and Charismatic.

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