Thursday, June 26, 2014

LATROBE, PA: New ACNA Archbishop Ranges over Issues Facing the Church
Apb Foley Beach does not ordain women to the priesthood
He will not undermine present process that bishops are engaged in over the issue


By David W. Virtue DD
June 25, 2014

VOL: First of all congratulations on becoming the second Archbishop of the ACNA. Were you surprised in being elected?

ABP. BEACH: Yes and no. Yes, because the College of Bishops are full of some of the most godliest men I have ever known, and for them to believe I was the one whom the Lord has anointed for this task is quite humbling. On the other hand, AB Duncan asked us back in January to go back home and prepare as if we were the one who was elected since there isn’t much transition time. During these past months, the Spirit has been stirring my soul so I knew something was up – just wasn’t quite sure what.

VOL: Can you tell us anything about the process, or is the process as secretive as the cardinals in Rome electing a pope? Were there a number of ballots? Were you elected on the first ballot?

ABP. BEACH: No, I can’t. Sorry. We made a vow together before the Lord that we would be silent about our time in the Conclave.

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