Friday, June 27, 2014

SOUTH CAROLINA: Legal volley in Episcopal lawsuit continues with appeal

The Post & Courier
June 25, 2014

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina, the local diocese affiliated with The Episcopal Church, has filed an appeal in an effort to add four individuals as parties to an ongoing lawsuit that could determine who ultimately has control of church property and other assets.

It's the latest legal volley between The Episcopal Church in South Carolina and the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina, the group that left The Episcopal Church in December 2012 because of theological and administrative disagreements, including a dispute over human sexuality and acceptance of gay clergy. The appeal could cause the postponement of the trial, set to start July 7 in Dorchester County.

The Episcopal Church in South Carolina wants Mark Lawrence, Jim Lewis, Jeffrey Miller and Paul Fuener, all leaders in the organization that claims the right to the name "The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina," added as parties to the suit in order to establish a true opposition since both groups argue that they are the rightful owners of the corporation called "The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina."

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