Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Austrian bishop: Pope Francis told me ‘gender ideology is demonic’
June 18, 2014

VOL NOTE: While the Roman Catholic Church condemns "gender ideology" The Episcopal Church has in fact embraced it. The Episcopal church's open acceptance of LGBTQII sexualities has not resulted in church growth. It has in fact resulted in even more people fleeing the Church.

Pope Francis strongly condemned “gender ideology” in a private conversation with Austrian Bishop Andreas Laun earlier this year, the bishop related in a recent essay.

In doing so, the pope follows in the footsteps of his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. Nearing the end of his pontificate, the pope emeritus spoke twice about gender ideology as “a negative trend for humankind,” and a “profound falsehood,” which “it is the duty of pastors of the Church” to put the faithful “on guard against.”

“In response to my questioning, Pope Francis said, ‘Gender ideology is demonic!’” Bishop Laun wrote in his essay, adding that the pope was not exaggerating in his comment. Steve Jalsevac/
Bishop Laun, auxiliary bishop of Salzburg, wrote about the words of Pope Francis in March in an essay for the German Catholic news publication Bishop Laun told LifeSiteNews that he met the pope briefly on January 30 as part of the Austrian bishops’ ad limina visit, a meeting with the pope that bishops must do every five years. Laun added that he was the last of the bishops to speak with the Holy Father.

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