Saturday, June 21, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC: Negative bias in reporting March for Marriage
Gay Pride parade attendees dress in rainbow colors

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
June 20, 2014

"Gay-hating Holy Rollers descend on DC" Friday's headline reads in The Daily Beast ... "Inside NOM's Second Failed March For Marriage" proclaims Media Matters for America ... "March for Marriage 2014: An Exercise in Self-Pity" ... states Slate magazine ... "NOM's Discriminatory March for Marriage is Underway" ... blogged the Human Rights Campaign ... "Same-sex marriage opponents march in Washington" states Press TV ... "March for Marriage draws paltry crowd at US capitol" ... Gay Star New concludes .... "Anti-gay March for Marriage proves to be a big flop" ... notes San Diego Gay & Lesbian News ... "Religion Motivates The Few Participants In National Anti-Gay Marriage Rally" Think Progress posts ... "March For Marriage Might Well Be The Swan Song For The Anti-gay Right" ...Queerty boosts ...
For the most part, the mindset of the nation's media is biased toward the culture and the sins of society and away from the Judea-Christian tradition and the founding principles of this country.

When the media covers a gay pride parade, the headlines proclaim: "Gay-rights pioneers earned pride long before parade (Portland Press-Herald); "RI shows gay pride with PrideFest celebration" (Providence Journal); "Armed Forces Will Make History At D.C.'s Gay Pride Parade" (Huffington Post); "At 44th annual Pride Parade, a city celebrates" (Boston Globe); "Celebrating Gay Pride All Over the Map" (New York Times); "The Evolution of the Pride Parade, From Somber March to Celebration" (Mashable); " L.A. Pride Parade 2014: Floats, Cheers and Children" (LA Frontiers); and "Pittsburgh Pride returns to celebrate LGBT" (WTAE Action 4 News).

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