Sunday, June 01, 2014

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If you’ve been craving some high-octane Anglicanism lately, something called Anglican Bishops in Dialogue just got done meeting in Coventry, England.  The name of that group seems redundant.  When aren’t Anglican bishops prattling about stuff?

As for the meeting statement, most of you should know by now that Anglicans can say less and say it longer and more tediously than anyone else in Christendom.  All these people basically said was that they were going continue to be nice to each other until the next time they all fly halfway the world to decide that again (somebody really needs to explain the concepts of videoconferencing, Skype or FaceTime to these people).

A quick buzzword count of this bad boy revealed no “live intos,” three “dialogues” and five “conversations.”  But if you had “reconciliation” in the pool, you’re spouse is going to at least want a nice dinner out of it.  That one appeared thirty-two times including five times in one paragraph.

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