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Gay Pride, Sex Discrimination and Anglo-Catholic Incoherence
Jul 9, 2014

Dr Lindsay Newcombe, Vice Chair of Forward in Faith, sporting gay pride

by Balaam's Ass:

Photographs posted on Facebook by Fr. Andrew Newcombe, Vicar of Holy
Trinity, Hoxton, showing his family enjoying London's Gay Pride Festival,
have me bemused. Fr. Andrew's wife, Dr. Lindsay Newcombe - shown sporting a
gay pride sticker - is Vice Chairman (no pun intended) of Forward in Faith -
a supposedly 'catholic' group in the Church of England formed in opposition
to the ordination of women.

The Newcombes' family outing is not an isolated example of the selective
traditionalism of Forward in Faith's leadership since the reception of many
of the old guard, in 2011, into the newly-formed Ordinariate of Our Lady of
Walsingham - an entity within the Roman Catholic Church which allows former
Anglicans to retain elements of the Anglican tradition. Last November Bishop
Jonathan Baker, Chairman of Forward in Faith, was a signatory of the
controversial Pilling Report which advocates a revision of the Church of
England's stance on same-sex relationships. This issue has already
fragmented world-wide Anglicanism, and it is likely that the outworking of
Pilling will inflict even more serious damage on the Church of England than
the long-running war over the ordination of women.

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