Sunday, July 06, 2014

I’ve been thinking about this as more of what the Americans used to call the “Christian right” jumps onto “LGBT” political juggernaut bandwagon. I suppose I understand. No one wants to be screeched at and called nasty things. But I keep on coming back to one thing: who is going to help these people? Who is going to rescue those who are trapped in and being destroyed by the “gay lifestyle”? While Christians and other former social conservatives are busy assuring the political left how much they agree with the complaints of this latest phase of the Sexual Revolution, the few of us who have not yet succumbed to the brain-fog of Stockholm Syndrome are left to wonder how to help the people most caught up in, and damaged by the lie at its core: that there is “nothing wrong” with homosexual acts, that they are morally, psychologically and physically equivalent to natural sexual relations.
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Hat Tip:  Reformed Wanderer

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