Thursday, September 25, 2014

You may have noticed that I haven't posted to this blog since July (and if you haven't noticed, that's why I have been blogging less).  Life is more full and busier than ever, the readership of this blog has never been huge.  It has been read my members of the DCNY including diocesan staff and that was the primary audience for this blog when I started it.

As I have said all along, I started this blog to keep tabs on the Diocese of Central New York, particularly when they were making vicious actions and falsely accusing Father David Bollinger of all kinds of nonsense. The diocese, led by Bishop Skip Adams, persecuted him for seeking to find justice for victims of sexual abuses by another DCNY priest.  That priest was subsequently arrested and is now in prison.  That wouldn't have happened without the tireless work of Fr. Bollinger.  It also wouldn't have happened if the DCNY was successful in their attempted cover-up.

At the time, the DCNY hired a public relations firm to create and frame stories against Fr. David Bollinger and generally try to control news coverage.  In that time period, the DCNY, at the direction of Bishop Skip Adams, shut down diomail.  Diomail was a free email forum for discussions in the DCNY, but it became a way that people in the diocese could hear about how the diocese was falsely maligning Fr. Bollinger and doing other things that were detrimental to the health and welfare of the diocese.

During Bishop Adams' tenure, control of information flow and information content has been uppermost.  One of his first acts as bishop was to seek training on making public statements.  I'm really naive because I thought that if you told the truth you don't need training in public relations.  But, truth has not been a hallmark of the present diocesan bishop or staff.

Since the time of Fr. Bollinger's persecution and the ecclesiastical trial against Fr. Bollinger, I have offered an alternative news outlet from the public relations spin from the DCNY.  In case you don't know, Fr. David Bollinger was acquitted of all charges by the ecclesiastical court of the DCNY.  He was acquitted at least in part because the bishop and his legal team withheld evidence from Fr. Bollinger's legal team.

Fairness is also not a hallmark of this bishop or his regime, which was seen in their withholding of evidence and their public statements about Fr. Bollinger.  To my knowledge, the Shaffer report, which was issued based on an investigation of the conduct of the diocese, has still not been released.  The reason can only be that the report was critical of the bishop and the bishop's persecution of Fr. Bollinger.  It is likely that it also highlighted the illegal actions of a diocesan staff member, but unless that report is released we will never know.  That is obviously as Bishop Adams wants it since he has fought tenaciously to not release the report.

It should be noted that a diocesan staff member did resign during this period of time and there is evidence that she illegally obtained information about Fr. Bollinger's financial accounts.

Anyway, I still keep this account active in case there is further need for an independent source for information about the Diocese of Central New York.  I am thankfully no longer a member of that corrupt organization, but I still have friends that are.  Should they ever come under unjustified attack like Fr. Bollinger did, I will certainly come to their defense.  Otherwise, I'm still keeping busy and so I will still be blogging less than I did up to July.  Shalom to my regular readers.

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