Friday, October 24, 2014

Reconfiguring the Anglican Communion without Archbishop Welby's input?
By Barbara Gauthier
October 22, 2014
On October 3rd, Archbishop of Canterbury said that the Anglican Church in North America was not Anglican and definitely not part of the Anglican Communion. The next day, the Diocese of NW Australia recognized the ACNA "as a member church of the Anglican Communion, in full communion with Diocese of North West Australia." On October 9th, seven primates of the Anglican Communion welcomed Archbishop Foley Beach of the ACNA as "an archbishop and fellow primate of the Anglican Communion." A week later, the Diocese of Sydney's Synod passed a resolution "without dissent" declaring that they intended to be in full communion with the ACNA. This prompted a commenter to observe that ++Welby's decision may not matter much at all in the long run - or, for that matter, in the short run either:

The dominos are starting to fall and I'll bet they start picking up speed before the end of the year. The ACNA issue is being taken out of Welby's hands (and he essentially asked for that) and he's going to soon be asking someone "what happened?" more. 

(via the ACC)

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