Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dramatic Shake-Up in American Anglican Blog Rankings

This morning, I read an article at Anglican Mainstream, a British site, and clicked on a link.  That link sent me to Anglican Ink, an American site, and it got me wondering.  How are American Anglican blogs doing these days?  Here's what I found at

Global Rankings

Virtue Online: 432,834
Anglican Ink: 1,451,785
Stand Firm in Faith: 7,451,785
Titus One Nine: 10,872,613

This was the first check I've done in a long time, and it suprised me on two fronts.

First, VOL is off a bit from previous global rankings, but Stand Firm in Faith and Titus One Nine have both fallen off a cliff.  SFIF used to be a close second to VOL, but now a newcomer, AI is a distant second.

Second, traffic to American Anglican sites is down overall from the heady days after the Episcopal Church's 2003 General Convention.  This is to be expected, but I was surprised to discover how much traffic has fallen for SFIF and TitusOneNine.  While AI is a relative newcomer, they do good reporting and their use of video sets them apart from the other sites.

Since the province of the Anglican Church in North America was founded in 2009, the dust has settled, and the issues that were so prominent after GC2003 are less so.  Orthodox Anglicans now have a place to go outside of PECUSA and the business at hand has become more and more the Gospel and not the issues plaguing PECUSA.

What is the future of American Anglican blogs?  That is hard to say, but I expect VOL will remain the dominant player for America Anglicanism.  Anglican Ink will likely continue to grow in popularity given its use of video, which will attract viewers in our visual age.  I expect that SFIF and T19 will continue to appeal to their smaller constituencies.

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