Thursday, December 19, 2013

From pecusa with love: "healthy" polygamy

Should Christians support healthy polygamous practices?
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Episcopal priest Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio supports the striking down of part of Utah's polygamy law, in a suit brought by the family of the reality show "Sister Wives". Excerpted from her CNN Belief Blog:
When I talk about the Browns with my friends and colleagues, most are opposed to my position, believing that the women could not possibly be respected, that the children could not possibly receive the attention they deserve.But it’s crucial to remember that, when done well, polygamy works because the participants have a different goal for marriage than monogamous couples: Most Americans believe that marriage is for the purpose of cultivating intimacy between two people, both sexual and emotional.
But for the Browns that takes a distant second to the goal of cultivating a community that together can reach heaven. It’s a different way of thinking about marriage and family, but it’s not inherently an abusive one.
Ultimately, I support the decision to loosen restrictions on polygamy because families such as the Browns exist who endeavor every day to live kind, healthy lives that are not harmful, not abusive....
Tumminio goes on to suggest that it's appropriate for Christians to support the right of consenting adults concerning choices about marriage and religious freedom: us, they want to practice their faith. And as long as that practice is in the service of cultivating loving, healthy relationships that strive to honor God and neighbor, I believe it is possible for even nonpolygamous Christians such as myself to support their calling.

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