Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gene Robinson on Schaefer Trial: "Enough people will become fed up ... the rules will change"
Retired Episcopal Church Bishop Gene Robinson and recently defrocked United Methodist Pastor Frank Schaefer appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews recently

by Jeffrey Walton
Dec. 20,2013

In advance of his defrocking yesterday by Eastern Pennsylvania United Methodist Church (UMC) officials, embattled Pastor Frank Schaefer joined MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Hardball Wednesday night to make his case.

Schaefer was convicted in a November church trial of presiding over a same-sex marriage. Given a 30 day suspension with the option to be restored to active ministry if he promised not to conduct further ceremonies in violation of the denomination's governing Book of Discipline, Schaefer remained defiant.

"We actually don't know what is going to happen tomorrow," Schaefer told host Chris Matthews hours before his meeting with church officials. But when asked by Matthews if he would conduct a wedding ceremony for another same-sex couple, Schaefer offered a clear response: "I would absolutely do it again."

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