Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WHITEFIELD: A Model of Evangelistic Outreach
Training 1,000 George Whitefields to saturate the Western world with the Gospel"

By Bill Adams
Special to virtueonline
December 23, 2013

Who is the greatest evangelist of all time? Church of England priest George Whitefield, 1714-1770, preached to more people & in more places than any other man since Pentecost. He was the leading figure of the 18th Century revival. In the American colonies he was known by 80% of the people which is more than George Washington. To understand the depths of his ministry read the two volume work by Arnold Dallimore entitled "George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the 18th Century".

The following is a small sample of Whitefield's ministry written by Bishop J.C. Ryle in the book "Select Sermons of George Whitefield". "Two days afterwards, on Sunday April 29th, he (Whitefield) records: 'I preached in Moorfields to an exceeding great multitude. Being weakened by my morning's preaching, I refreshed myself with a little sleep, and at five went and preached at Kensington Common, about two miles from London, where no less than thirty thousand people were suppose to be present.' Henceforth wherever there were large bands of idle, godless, Sabbath-breaking people gathered together, in Hackney Fields, Mary-le-bonne Fields, May Fair, Smithfield, Blackheath, Moorfields, and Kensington Common, there went Whitefield and lifted up his voice for Christ." (pg 20-21).

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