Monday, December 16, 2013

So Why the Fuss about the Decriminalization of Polygamy?

By Lisa Severine Nolland
December 15, 2013

Gay history shows that liberation comes in steps. First gay relationships had to be accepted as legitimate and non-criminal. Once that occurred, then gay marriage followed. I think our [poly] normalization will follow the same course. Canadian 'poly' spokesman John Ince, 2011 (1)

If you don't support gay marriage don't marry a person of the same-sex. If you don't agree with polygamy, don't marry more than one person. Live and let live. What's the fuss?

Approaching train wreck

For years now a few lone voices have been saying that there is an impending train wreck, yet in the main it falls on deaf ears. For younger people, who cares if one is gay, straight or bi? For older people, especially Christian leaders, just 'preach the Gospel' or run another Christianity Explored or Alpha-that should sort things.

Such approaches, though understandable, are naïve at best and ignorantly culpable at worst.

Pan-sexual revolution

We are presently undergoing a pan sexual revolution of the first order, which is in the cultural air we breathe and is influencing us all, inside and outside the church. Though we are only in the initial stages, the rate of change has grown exponentially while the scope continues to broaden and deepen.

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