Friday, January 17, 2014

Thankful for our Canadian Friends - a Message from Bishop Anderson

Dear Friends of the Anglican re-alignment,

During a period of time more than a decade ago, a number of orthodox Episcopalian and Anglican Church of Canada leaders, including laypeople, priests and bishops, kept turning up together at various Anglican venues and we began to get to know one another. No one knew that at some point in the future our lives would intersect in the way they have, but we bore testimony in those larger Anglican settings to the deteriorating theological and spiritual doctrine and practice in our respective churches.

At one point the American Anglican Council, to facilitate conversation among the orthodox Episcopal and Canadian Anglican bishops, formed a loosely structured Conference of North American Anglican Bishops, CONAAB for short. In the early days it was thought that good planning and bold witness would turn around the deteriorating situation in both churches, but unfortunately that was not to be. As things worsened in both churches, thoughts turned to alternatives outside our respective borders, but no one wanted to leave the church that had raised them and nurtured them if some alternative could be found...Read more.

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