Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Correcting Ed Salmon's egregious error

Every day since Bishop Ed Salmon, Dean of Nashotah House, extended an invitation to the Presiding Bishop of pecusa to preach at the seminary, notes and letters of disgust and anger have poured into the Anglican blogs in the United States and I would expect to Nashotah House itself.

Just today, Archbishop Robert Duncan relayed the following:

At the request of the Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America, meeting in conference call on Tuesday, February 25, I have been asked to make the following statement:

“The Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America deeply regret the invitation by Dean Edward Salmon to Dr. Katharine Jefferts Schori to preach at Nashotah House.  The insensitivity of this invitation to many of the loyal friends of the House is compounded by the proposed eucharistic context.  What is far more concerning, however, are the fundamental spiritual, biblical and institutional issues that the visit to Chapel raises.  We have trusted Nashotah House with our students, our prayers and our support, recognizing that the House also serves the Episcopal Church, and that a remarkable community has been built there.  We hope that ways can be found to restore the trust that this particular invitation has seriously shaken.”  

The Most Revd Robert Duncan, D.D. (Nashotah)
Archbishop, Anglican Church in North America
On behalf of the College of Bishops

How can this egregious error be reversed?  The first step is to rescind the invitation.  Short of this, the Board of Nashotah House should demand the resignation of Bishop Salmon.  He issued the invitation after a board meeting when the ACNA bishops were not present.  As the statement above states, this action by Bishop Salmon has raised significant concerns of trust for the ACNA.  

Without a rescinding of the invitation or the resignation of Bishop Salmon, it will be difficult to restore the trust of the ACNA for a seminary that has been entrusted with the spiritual formation of clergy for the ACNA.  The surest way to restore trust in Nashotah House would be the removal of Bishop Ed Salmon and the restoration of Dean Robert Munday, the Dean who preceded Salmon and whom Salmon pushed out.

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