Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Anglican world may once again get REALLY interesting.  Anglican Ink reports that formal misconduct charges have been finally been filed against Katharine Jefferts Schori:

The American Anglican Fellowship, Inc. (AAF), an organization of current and former members of The Episcopal Church (TEC), submits this Information to you regarding possible violations of the Constitution and Canons by the Presiding Bishop in accordance with Canon IV.6.2 and with the understanding that, “by virtue of Baptism, all Members of the Church are called to holiness of life and accountability to one another” (Canon IV.I).

An immediate investigation is requested of these reported violations to determine whether this information, if true, constitutes offenses that should be forwarded to the Reference Panel (Canon IV.6.4-10).  The secular lawsuits are continuing.  One lawsuit was filed by the Diocese of Chicago as recently as November 6, 2013. There can be little doubt that most Episcopalians are deeply troubled by this litigation and want TEC to put an end to the madness of Christians suing Christians and wasting millions of dollars of church funds.  The parishioners and clergy departing TEC are not mean-spirited people in an “organization who wants to put us out of business” as the Presiding Bishop has reportedly said.  To the contrary, they are fellow Christians who are faithful people acting out of Christian conscience, and they should not be subject to wolves in the Episcopate (Mt. 7:15; Acts 20:29 ).

Six charges are listed.  You’re already familiar with most of them but read them all anyway.  These people, many of whom may be receiving notices of excommunication in their mail or e-mail real soon, appear to have done their homework.

Who is the American Anglican Fellowship? George Conger reports they’re these people.
However, Anglican Ink can report that documents filed with the Maryland Secretary State show the American Anglican Fellowship is the new name for the American Anglican Council of Washington — a seperate entity from the American Anglican Council (AAC) led by the Rt. Rev. David Anderson and Canon Phil Ashey.

Will anything come of this?  What are you, high?  At best, Mrs. Schori might be found guilty of one or, at most, two charges so TEO can claim that it’s unbiased.

But if that happens, and that’s an “if” the size of Mount Everest, all the Presiding Bishop should expect in the way of a penalty is a, “Bad Kathy!!  Never do that again!!” slap on the wrist.  Which she’ll pretend to accept and ignore at the first opportunity.

So no, nothing’s going to come of this since the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Organization are as fictional as the old Soviet Union “constitution.”  Which is most certainly not to say that filing these charges is a complete waste of time.  Whatever emerges from all this, it’s always good to make people stand up and admit the truth.

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