Thursday, March 27, 2014

RHE and other liberals not happy

A church in constant conflict
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Rachel Held Evans tweeted this morning about her response to the World Vision controversy. What she wrote struck a chord with me, even though I wasn't involved in this particular issues. Here's what she wrote:
Took this one pretty hard. Going to take a break & figure out what it means to quit this war & start creating church among its refugees.
— Rachel Held Evans (@rachelheldevans) March 27, 2014

The Episcopal Church seems to me to be in a state of perpetual conflict. Just as we seem to be making progress on LGBT issues, we find ourselves in the midst of an effort to re-organize the church that could, if the chips fall a certain way, reduce the authority of elected lay and clergy leaders in the governance of the church, and increase the authority of the office of the Presiding Bishop. As someone who went straight from one of these struggles into the midst of the other, I find that I am worn out by them. I am wondering if anybody else feels that way, and if you've figured out how best to act on your feelings.

Editor's Addendum: the last line shows one of the great weaknesses of pecusa - acting on one's feelings. As human beings we have been endowed by our creator with minds.  Liberals love to deal in the world of subjectivism and this has led to the downfall of pecusa.  ed.

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