Wednesday, April 30, 2014

And Why We Need His Gifting Today

By Thad Barnum
Special to Virtueonline
April 29, 2014

Fr. Fullam died this past March 15.

For many of us, he was larger than life. He’d sit at the piano, lead in worship, and bring us straight into the presence of the Lord. He’d then stand, open the Bible, and do what he was uniquely gifted to do. He’d feed our souls with God’s word.

That song, that voice, was silenced in 1998 when he suffered a stroke.

If you read nothing else, I’d like to introduce you to him. Of all his sermons, the one people remember most, “Life On Wings,” is available to you free of charge. I encourage you to visit his extensive website, with more than five hundred teachings, and download it (

But, if you have time, I’d like to tell you more about him.

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