Wednesday, May 07, 2014

7 in 10 Conservatives Believe the Church of England is Left-Wing

By Andre Walker
May 6, 2014

Seven out of ten Conservative Party members believe the Church of England is left-wing, according to a study by Conservative Home. The poll comes after a series of highly political acts by the Church leadership including an incident in February when 27 Anglican bishops wrote a letter claiming David Cameron’s welfare reforms had created for a "national crisis" in which 500,000 people visited food banks since the Easter before.

The Church was traditionally known as the “Tory Party at prayer” and the majority of parishioners are Conservatives but this is not always true of the leadership. In fact Breitbart London exposed the case of Dr Keith Hebden the vicar who organised the letter to David Cameron. Whilst he does not shout about his politics in the media he is an experienced left-wing activist who has been arrested twice.

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