Wednesday, May 07, 2014

MIAMI, FL: Episcopal deacon says he was 'drummed out' of Catholic Church

By Dan Morris-Young
May 7, 2014

Norman Carroll says he is an Episcopal deacon today rather than a Roman Catholic one -- as he had been for nearly 35 years -- largely because he had a one-on-one conversation on Feb. 26, 2013, with a man who insisted that Carroll state his personal view on the Catholic Church's doctrine on the ordination of women.

Carroll told the man he felt the church had the authority to ordain women and that Pope John Paul II's apostolic teaching on the ordination of women was not infallible.

His view was reported to Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski. A week later, on March 6, Wenski told Carroll's pastor to "instruct him [Carroll] that he is not to present himself for any diaconal ministries" and to "make an appointment ... to see me."

On the same date, Wenski corresponded with a parishioner of St. John Neumann Parish in Reston, Va., who had apparently been the person who complained about Carroll's mission presentation at the church.

"The deacon in spouting off on ways to reject the guidance of the Church in the formation of one's conscience was basically talking out of his depth and obviously beyond his competence," Wenski wrote.

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