Sunday, May 04, 2014

Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson and his ‘beloved’ Mark Andrew to divorce
After nearly two years of speculation the rumors are true

By Mary Ann Mueller
VOL Special Correspondent
May 4, 2014

Go back in time. It's July 9, 2012 and Bishop Vicky Gene Robinson (IX New Hampshire) has the floor of the Episcopal House of Bishops. He is taking a Point of Personal Privilege to respond to a Virtue Online e-mail inquiry about rumors floating around General Convention that he and his "husband" Mark Andrew were hitting a rough spot in their same-sex marriage.

"...Also last night I received an e-mail from a person who calls himself a correspondent for VirtueOnline, wanting me to comment on whether or not my beloved Mark and I are having relationship problems, and whether or not we are discussing or planning a divorce. I have no intention of responding to that e-mail. It is nobody’s damn business," he ranted.

"I just need to say to this house that for nine years I have borne a level of scrutiny the likes of which I believe most of you can only imagine, and there is a limit to what one person can bear," the New Hampshire bishop whined "I have only three and a half more days as an active bishop in this house and less than six months as an active bishop of this church. Can you cut me a little slack, please? “Can you find it in your heart, if you’ve got a question about something that I’ve said or done, to ask me personally? I will answer you truthfully."

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