Sunday, May 04, 2014

On the Episcopal Fraud (TEF)

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Long-time readers of whatever it is that I do around here know that there are two men about whom I avoid writing if I can possibly help it.  Both of them would quite literally knock down your 2-year-old niece or granddaughter if they saw a reporter and a camera so it would be more loving to provide your alcoholic brother with a free case of cheap bourbon every week than to provide these two with more publicity.
One of them, of course, is John Shelby Spong.  When I first started doing whatever it is that I do around here, I used to regularly get notes from people along the lines of, “Did you see what Spong just said?”  The fact was and remains to this day that no one who pays attention ever has to see what Spong just said to know what Spong just said.

I never had to read Spong in order to know that whatever the megalomaniacal old fraud wrote was smug, titanically arrogant, supremely condescending, airily dismissive of any opinion other than his own, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the Christian religion as anyone has ever understood it.  John’s consistent, you have to give him that.  As for the other guy I don’t like to mention here if I can possibly avoid it?

Guess who’s getting a “divorce.”

Episcopal Organization?  Let’s review, shall we?  In 2003, you gave a pointy hat and hooked stick to a homosexual and ripped the Anglican Communion apart.  That homosexual “bishop” subsequently got “married” and is now going to get “divorced.”

A few years later, you made Barry Beisner an Episcopal “bishop,” a guy who’s been divorced twice and married three times (quite frankly, I think that Ol’ Third Time’s The Charm is a bigger scandal that Robbie ever was but that’s just me).

Let me bottom line it for you, Episcopal Organization.  When the subject of marriage comes up in the future, you might want keep silent.  Because ANY Christian church’s theology of marriage is more Christian than yours will ever be and you no longer have anything meaningful to tell anyone about marriage.

Or anything else.

Thanks to dominic1955 for the heads-up.

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