Thursday, May 01, 2014

Illiterate People of the Book

April 30, 2014

Christians are a people of the book—but I fear we’ve grown illiterate.

69% of adult Americans consider themselves Biblically literate according to a study conducted in 2013 by the Barna Group. But the same study found that 58% of American Christians are not interested in Biblical insight on how to live their lives.

Instead, the survey found that the highest-ranking topic about which we look to the Bible for wisdom was death. This disconnect between reading God’s Word and believing that God’s Word applies directly to our lives is troubling.

Further, many churches don’t have Bible studies anymore. Instead, we have community groups and Sunday school classes, in which we talk about feelings, but rarely open the Bible. Even when we do attempt to study Scripture on Sunday mornings we boil God’s word into spiritual slogans like “God helps those who help themselves” (which is not in the Bible).

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