Sunday, May 04, 2014

SPLITSVILLE: Gene Robinson and Partner Announce Divorce

By David W. Virtue
May 3, 2014

Gene Robinson, the former Bishop of New Hampshire, and his partner Mark Andrew have split up.

The two were married in a private civil union ceremony on June 12, 2008. The ceremony was performed in Concord, N.H., by Justice of the Peace Ronna Wise followed by a "Blessing" of the relationship at St. Paul Church.

In a note to the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops, Robinson wrote, “It is time to share with you, our HOB family, that my partner and husband of 25+ years, Mark, and I have decided to be divorced. As you can imagine, this is a difficult time for us -- not a decision entered into lightly or without much counseling.”

At the last General convention in July 2012 in Indianapolis, Robinson cried "foul" when a VOL reporter asked about reports that there was trouble in paradise. In the House of Bishops he shot back, "I have no intention of responding to that e-mail. It is nobody's damn business."

From several sources, Virtue Online came into possession of information that the New Hampshire Episcopal bishop's marital relationship with his same-sex partner maybe on the rocks.

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