Sunday, June 08, 2014

ENGLAND: Transgender priest Rachel Mann made minor canon at Manchester Cathedral
'God did not reject me,' she says

By Ruth Gledhill
June 7, 2014

A person's view on sexuality, a 'test' used by many in evangelical circles to determine whether a Christian is 'sound' or 'saved', could soon be a thing of the past, according to the lesbian cleric recently made a minor canon of Manchester Cathedral.

Canon Rachel Mann, 44, said she believed a shift was currently taking place in the area of sexuality in the same way it did on slavery two centuries ago.

She was honoured with the title of Minor Canon at Manchester, which has the second highest LGBT population in the country outside London, for her work as resident poet at the cathedral. The honour also signals however a potential tectonic shift in the established Church's often-tormented approach to the issue of sexuality. Could it mark the beginning of an era where it is possible to be both an 'orthodox' Christian yet 'liberal' on the gay issue?

Canon Mann, priest-in-charge of St Nicholas Burnage near Didsbury in south Manchester for six years, was born a boy, in the working class end of Hartlebury. The Bishops of Worcester until recently lived in the castle, which is at the posh end of the village.

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