Sunday, June 08, 2014

What Can’t Be Stolen

By Bishop Bill Atwood
June 4, 2014

His hair was long, but that was normal for pretty much everyone who played in a rock band in the seventies. His guitar was left handed, and with an amazing gift of memory he knew not only all the words to all the songs, but he could also tell you the song order on the Beatles LP albums, which studio was used to record it, and who played what on every track.

Lifestyle-wise, he lived pretty much like the others in that time period, but found hedonism vapid and started to look for some meaning in life. His eye fixed on a London secretary, and in candor, he smiles remembering “that mini-skirt.” Through providence, he also connected with some believers who began to talk with him about the Gospel and the real meaning of life.

Powerfully converted, he and his young wife both began to experience a burden for those who lived across the globe and hadn’t received the Good News of Christ.

Trained in teaching, he and his wife eventually deployed to Paraguay in the 80’s where the temperature and humidity are off the charts. He was headmaster of a school that was filled with the children of the leaders of the military junta that controlled the country. With amazing strength he stood up to the highest leaders of the country who wanted their children in the mission school; not because it was religious, but because it was the best. But he insisted that they got not only classical education, they also got the Gospel.

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