Thursday, June 12, 2014

PHOENIX, AZ: Executive Council discusses process used to fund churchwide mission
Members: Dioceses want to pay less, more payment accountability

By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Episcopal News Service
June 10, 2014

With millions of dollars spent on litigation against thousands who have separated from TEC with no end in sight, the push for greater acceptance of pansexual behaviors with trannies in the pulpit, the refusal to even talk reconciliation with ACNA brothers and sisters, the elimination of the Evangelism Department (among others), and the ignored General Convention mandate to transition away from 815 Second Avenue one wonders exactly what can justify the 19%. Furthermore the cost of General Convention every three years is now reaching prohibitive levels when most of the resolutions passed are ignored (except the ones on sexuality). One blogger noted that local churches have to justify budgets and priorities, and it is increasingly the same for those who have stewardship for the General Church. Any talk of isolating or guilting dioceses who object to the current 19% asking is hardly productive and will likely be met with wider resentment and action. Considering that only about 600,000 attend TEC services on any given Sunday, we have just got to stop irritating the pews with heavy-handed ideas that seem good in a committee. Perhaps pay to play will be the next order of the day. David Virtue for VIRTUEONLINE

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