Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sewanee reverses same-sex ceremony ruling

By Colin Wilhelm, For The Tennessean
June 10, 2014

A same-sex couple will be allowed a ceremony that proclaims lifelong commitment this fall in All Saints' Chapel, the nearly cathedral-sized church on Sewanee's campus — despite the fact they are already married.

The university originally turned down the request of Kathryn Kendrick and Eva Walton, who were wed May 31 in Washington, D.C., because the couple would be married before the covenant ceremony was to take place.

"We [thought], 'This puts the university out ahead of the church,'" said Sewanee's vice chancellor, Dr. John McCardell, noting that neither Tennessee nor the Episcopal Church — whose 28 southeastern dioceses own Sewanee — formally recognizes same-sex marriage.

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